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Leadership and Team Dynamics

Leadership and Team Dynamics

Unlock Your Team's True Potential with Our Authentic 2-Hour CPE Journey




In the whirlwind of today’s corporate landscape, the heart of real progress lies in nurturing effective leadership and harmonious team dynamics. At CCS, we deeply understand how critical these elements are for the flourishing of any organization. That’s why we’re thrilled to invite you to our forthcoming 2-hour Continuing Professional Education (CPE) event titled, "Elevate Your Leadership: Mastering Team Dynamics."


Characteristics of High-Performing Teams:

  • A united vision and purpose
  • Deep-seated trust and openness
  • A culture that values learning from mistakes
  • Celebrating diverse perspectives and inclusion
  • Balancing independence with a sense of belonging
  • Making decisions through consensus
  • Leadership that inspires participation


Central to all this is a commitment to continuous growth and a focus on results for all the team members and project managers. Management of the "Team Dynamics" is key to project success.


We will highlight the stages of "Team Development":

  • Forming
  • Storming
  • Norming
  • Performing
  • Adjourning

Teams go through stages of development. Team effectiveness is enhanced by a team's commitment to reflection and on-going evaluation. Each stage of team development has its own recognizable feelings and behaviors; understanding why things are happening in certain ways on your team can be an important part of the self-evaluation process.


Target Audience:

This workshop is specifically designed for project leaders, managers, and anyone eager to elevate their leadership skills and nurture a team environment characterized by high performance and dynamic interaction.




Join us on this immersive workshop where we’ll peel back the layers of leadership and team dynamics, viewing them through a lens of honesty and deep understanding. Our seasoned facilitators will walk you through hands-on strategies and real-world insights aimed at:

  • Boosting your leadership skills, allowing you to lead with conviction and authenticity.
  • Recognizing and leveraging the unique strengths within your team to cultivate a culture of creativity and collaboration.
  • Understanding the nuances of team dynamics, effectively managing conflicts, and improving communication for a stronger, more unified team.
  • Setting in motion practical measures to develop a resilient team culture that embraces challenges and is adaptable to change.


Why Attend?

  • Interactive Learning Experience: Participate in enriching discussions, case studies, and scenario-based activities that bridge theory with practice.
  • Network with Peers: Connect with fellow professionals who are just as passionate about refining their leadership prowess.
  • Exclusive Resources: Gain access to specially curated materials and resources that will support your continued learning journey beyond this workshop.


Join us at "Elevate Your Leadership: Mastering Team Dynamics" and commence a transformational journey towards enhancing your leadership style and achieving unparalleled team success.

  • Details on Event Presentation

    Offered every six weeks on Tuesdays at 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Central Time in two CPE-Credit event.

    We can schedule private events on your timetable for two or more attendees.

    NASBA Program Disclosure

    Program Level of Understanding: Basic

    Prerequisites: None

    Advance Preparation: None

    Delivery Format: Group Internet Based

    NASBA Field(s) of Study: Business Management & Organization

    CPE Credits: 2, based on 50 minutes of instruction per hour

  • CPE Event Highlights

    Stepping into the Leadership and Team Dynamics CPE event is like opening a door to a deeper understanding of what truly makes a team succeed. It's an invitation to explore, learn, and transform with authenticity at the heart of it all. Here's what you can look forward to:

    • Exploring High-Performing Team Characteristics: This isn't just about listing out traits; it's about understanding the soul of what makes a team work seamlessly together. We'll dig deep into the essence of shared purpose, trust, diversity, and inclusion. Imagine a space where every member feels valued and understood, where diverse thoughts lead to innovative solutions. That’s the environment we aim to help you cultivate.

    • Journey Through Team Development Stages: Our exploration will take us through the winding paths of team development—Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning. Each stage is a milestone in its own right, offering unique challenges and opportunities for growth. We'll walk these paths together, learning how to guide your team through each phase with grace and resilience.

    • Authentic Leadership Empowerment: The heart of effective leadership lies in authenticity. It's about being true to who you are while inspiring others to be their best selves. We'll share strategies that empower you to lead with authenticity, leveraging the diverse strengths within your team. It’s about fostering an environment where innovation thrives because every voice is heard and valued.

    • Navigating Team Dynamics: The dynamics within a team can often be complex, but understanding how to manage these intricacies can turn challenges into opportunities. From resolving conflicts to enhancing communication, we'll equip you with the tools to build a resilient culture that’s not just ready to face change but to welcome it. Imagine a team that stands strong together, adaptable and unafraid of the unknown.

    This CPE event is more than just a learning opportunity; it's a chance to transform the way you view leadership and team dynamics. Whether you’re looking to refine your leadership approach or seeking ways to elevate your team's performance, this event promises insights and strategies that resonate with authenticity and practical wisdom.

    Join us on this journey of discovery and empowerment, where every lesson learned brings you one step closer to leading a high-performing, dynamic team.


  • Learning Objectives

    • Delve into the characteristics of high-performing teams, including shared purpose, trust, diversity, and inclusion.
    • Navigate through the stages of team development—Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning.
    • Empower your leadership with strategies to lead with authenticity, leveraging the diverse strengths within your team to foster innovation.
    • Tackle the complexities of team dynamics, from resolving conflicts to enhancing communication, building a resilient culture that’s adaptable to change.
  • Key Issues on the Agenda

    Opening Remarks and Introductions
    • Welcome note
    • Overview of the day’s objectives
    • Icebreaker activity to foster connectivity among participants

    Exploring High-Performing Team Characteristics

    • Interactive discussion on the essence of shared purpose, trust, diversity, and inclusion
    • Case study analysis highlighting successful team dynamics in action

    Navigating the Stages of Team Development

    • Insightful exploration into the Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning stages
    • Group activity to identify current team stages and strategies for progression

    Authentic Leadership Empowerment

    • Deep-dive session into leading with authenticity, leveraging individual strengths for collective success
    • Scenario-based learning exercises focusing on real-world applications of authentic leadership principles

    Building and Nurturing a Resilient Team Culture

    • Strategies and tools for resolving conflicts, enhancing communication, and welcoming change
    • Collaborative brainstorming session to develop actionable plans for fostering a resilient team environment


    • Opportunity to connect with peers and discuss insights and takeaways
    • Closing remarks and guidance on accessing exclusive resources for continued learning
  • Summary of the Subject Matter

    In today’s rapidly evolving world, the essence of truly effective leadership has never been more crucial. It demands more than just guiding a team; it's about inspiring, understanding, and elevating those around you to their highest potential. Similarly, cultivating a team dynamic that thrives on trust, diversity, and resilience is not just beneficial—it's essential for success. This is the heart of our upcoming CPE event, "Elevate Your Leadership: Mastering Team Dynamics."

    Our workshop is designed as a sanctuary for growth, learning, and genuine connection. We understand the challenges leaders face in navigating the complexities of team dynamics in an environment that constantly changes. Thus, we’ve carefully curated this experience to not only provide strategies and insights but also to encourage a deep, introspective journey into what makes a leader truly effective.

    We’ll explore the characteristics that define high-performing teams—how they share a purpose that binds them, the trust they place in one another, and the strength they draw from their diversity. We acknowledge the beauty in varied perspectives and the innovation that springs from inclusivity. Together, we’ll uncover ways to harness these strengths within your own teams.

    The stages of team development serve as our roadmap through the intricacies of forming, storming, norming, performing, and even adjourning. Each phase holds its lessons and challenges, and understanding these can empower you to guide your team with empathy and clarity.

    Leadership, at its core, is about authenticity. It’s about being true to yourself and allowing that truth to inspire and elevate others. During our session on Authentic Leadership Empowerment, we'll explore what this means in practical terms. How do you leverage your unique strengths and those of your team? How do you foster an environment where every member feels seen, heard, and valued?

    Navigating team dynamics involves more than just managing. It’s about building a culture of resilience, where conflict becomes a catalyst for growth and communication is the bridge to understanding. We’ll provide you with the tools to enhance these aspects of your team, ensuring that you’re equipped to face challenges with confidence.

    This workshop is more than just an event; it’s an invitation to transform. To step into your power as a leader who inspires, a visionary who empowers, and a human who connects deeply with those around you. Join us on this journey, and together, let’s unlock the full potential of your leadership and your team.

  • Authoritative Sources

    In crafting the curriculum for "Elevate Your Leadership: Mastering Team Dynamics," we've leaned on a wealth of authoritative sources that underpin our teachings with rigor and relevance. Our aim is to provide you with a learning experience grounded in proven theories, practical insights, and the wisdom of thought leaders in the field of leadership and team dynamics. Here are some of the foundational resources that have inspired our content, each offering valuable perspectives that enrich our understanding and approach to leadership and team building.

    Harvard Business Review

    Project Management Institute (PMI)


    Psychology Today

    Simon Sinek

    • Title: "Start With Why"
    • Summary: Simon Sinek’s visionary take on leading with purpose, exploring how leaders can inspire action by starting with the 'why' behind their mission or project.
    • Link:

    By drawing upon these sources, we not only enrich our event's content but also ensure that you, as participants, are exposed to a broad spectrum of ideas and strategies that have been tested and validated across different spheres of leadership and management. Our hope is that these resources will not only support the learning objectives of our CPE event but also serve as a springboard for further exploration and growth in your professional journeys.

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