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PCAOB Firm Training Events

Training and development is an important part of a firm’s system of quality control and often critical to successful remediation programs. At CCS, we work with our clients to develop appropriate trainings based on the specific needs, clients, and dynamics of each PCAOB registered firm. Experienced in presenting, our trainers are capable of educating and captivating your staff members whether it be part of an overall remedial action related to the PCAOB inspection process, PCAOB Auditing Standards, industry-specific training such as broker-dealer auditing, a specific skill such as a new accounting or auditing standard implementation, IT general controls, or an annual “refresh” as part of your recurring training curriculum. 


We can develop and deliver interactive, comprehensive training programs that are responsive to your needs, that could include integration of firm tools and techniques. Alternatively, we can deliver previously-developed training programs on a wide-range of auditing, accounting, and regulatory topics. We currently offering the following PCAOB specific CPE programs covering a variety of topics, including:

  • PCAOB AS 1105: Audit Evidence

  • PCAOB AS 1220: Engagement Quality Review

  • PCAOB AS 1300: Auditor Communications

  • PCAOB AS 2101: Audit Planning

  • PCAOB AS 2105: Consideration of Materiality

  • PCAOB AS 2201: An Audit of ICFR

  • PCAOB AS 2301: The Auditor's Response to the Risks of Material Misstatements

  • PCAOB AS 2305: Substantive Analytical Procedures

  • PCAOB AS 2315: Audit Sampling Overview

  • PCAOB AS 2315: Internal Controls Testing

  • PCAOB AS 2315: Substantive Testing

  • PCAOB AS 2501: Auditing Accounting Estimates

  • PCAOB AS 2810: Evaluating Audit Results

  • PCAOB AS 3101: Auditor's Unqualified Opinion

  • PCAOB AS 3105: Auditor's Qualified Opinion

  • PCAOB AS 4105: Reviews of Interim Financial Information

  • PCAOB Attestation Standard No. 1

  • PCAOB Audit Tradecraft for the Broker-Dealer External Auditor

  • PCAOB Audit Tradecraft for the External Auditor

  • PCAOB Auditing Standards Overview

  • PCAOB Broker Dealer Inspections

  • PCAOB Firm Quality Control Systems

  • PCAOB Inspection Reports Recap

  • PCAOB NOCLAR - Non-compliance with Laws and Regulations

  • PCAOB: Dealing with the Regulator

PCAOB Auditor Events

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