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What makes an excellent CPE event?

1. Relevance: The event should be relevant to the attendees' professional needs and provide them with practical, up-to-date information that they can apply in their work.

2. Quality of speakers: The event should feature knowledgeable and experienced speakers who can deliver engaging and informative presentations.

3. Interactive format: The event should provide opportunities for attendees to engage with speakers and other attendees through interactive activities and discussions.

4. Well-organized: The event should be well-organized and run smoothly, with clear schedules and agendas, and adequate time for breaks and networking.

5. Good networking opportunities: The event should provide opportunities for attendees to network with their peers and make connections in their field.

6. Attention to the attendee's needs: The event should take into account the attendee's learning styles, preferences, and needs and provide the appropriate resources and support

Check out the events at CCS...they meet the above criteria!

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