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“Simjacking” or “Simcard Hacking,”

A SIM card swap, also known as SIMjackling, occurs when scammers fraudulently activate a new SIM card with your phone number, typically by tricking your mobile carrier into transferring your phone number to their SIM card.

This allows the scammers to gain control of your phone number and potentially access sensitive information tied to that number, such as two-factor authentication. This can get the hacker into your bank accounts, cryptocurrency accounts, and other highly personal data.

The process involves convincing the mobile carrier to port your phone number over to the scammer's SIM card, effectively hijacking your phone number. Once the scammers have control of your phone number, they can begin receiving your calls and messages, potentially intercepting sensitive information and gaining unauthorized access to your accounts.

To protect yourself against SIM swapping, it's important to implement security measures such as setting up a PIN or password requirement for any changes to your account with the mobile carrier, monitoring your accounts for any suspicious activity, and being cautious about sharing personal information online.

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