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Information security: keep your devices safe

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Ransomware prevention is the top priority for all organizations using technology.

As one of today’s most potent online threats, ransomware robs individuals, businesses and entire governmental organizations of billions of dollars every year.

Any comprehensive information security program contains:

  • Clear documentation and training for all employees concerning ransomware prevention.

  • Details on the devices within the organization that are under threat from ransomware.

  • Internal controls that are in place that are preventing ransomware attacks.

  • Protocols on how to handle a future attack and deal with ransom demands.

What makes this form of malware especially damaging is its ability to destroy, corrupt, or lock its victims’ files.

We’re talking about much more than losing cherished family photos or several years’ worth of accounting documents. The City of Atlanta spent more than $2.6 million on emergency efforts to respond to a ransomware attack that destabilized municipal operations in the first few months of their recovery efforts. Attackers, who infected the city's systems with the pernicious SamSam malware, asked for a ransom of roughly $50,000 worth of bitcoin. The City decided not to pay. Was that a good decision?

How do you sleep at night with the information security program you now have in place?

CCS provides several training events concerning cybersecurity. Check out their events at:

Information Security Training Internal Controls Training
Does your Information Security Program allow you to sleep all night?

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